How To Fill Out Your Clearance

Common Issues When Filling out Clearances

1. Using an electronic signature or photo of the signature
a. It has to be either a written signature or superimposed image of signature (you can superimpose a picture in PDF)
i. How to place signature on computer:
1. Take a picture of your signature with your phone, email it to yourself, save the image on your computer
2. Open the PDF of the clearance form on your computer
3. Click “Fill & Sign” in the upper right corner
4. Click “Place Signature”
5. Select “Use an image”
6. Click “Browse” and select the picture of your signature
7. Place it!
8. You can use “Add text” in the Fill & Sign toolbar to type the date

2. Writing parent’s address as address
a. To receive mail, you need to give prison your university address

3. Sending back the file as individual photos
a. Send it as ONE scan so it can be sent and processed easier
i. Tinyscanner and iscanner have free trials from iphones

4. Indicating they are interested in mentoring if asked
a. Volunteers should only indicate interest in educational service

5. Indicating contact with incarcerated people
a. You may be barred by prison if you have contact with incarcerated people in another setting

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