More Tutoring Resources

We've created this page (which is definitely a work in progress) to help you succeed as correctional tutors. It will no doubt start small, so please help us build and refine our offerings by submitting ideas to Eric at gro.eneergyetep|namgilese#gro.eneergyetep|namgilese! And remember, you should not be taking worksheets or books into the incarcerated students with whom you work unless you have FIRST spoken to the classroom teacher or other educational staff members! There is a formal process required before materials can be brought into the prison, so while we know you just want to help your students succeed, we don't want anyone to get in trouble for not following the ever-important (and sometimes elusive) protocol.


Correctional Education Association: While this isn't a great website, the organization serves correctional educators all over the country, so it's a good way to see hot topics popping up in the field of correctional education.


Purdue Online Writing Lab, Teacher & Tutor Resources: Purdue OWL is a great resource for students and tutors alike, with a primary focus on literacy.

GED Testing Service Want to know more about the GED your students will take? The test was revamped in 2014, and most recently, they've changed the scoring system to make it slightly easier for students to pass. Take the practice test to see how you do (it's harder than you think!). See how the GED is used in corrections.

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