Reminders For All New Volunteers

The Petey Greene Program volunteer coordination staff have created this nifty handout to help you remember some of the key logistical points you learned in tutor training. Please refer to it often, and if you think we’ve left something important out, email your suggestions to Eric Seligman at gro.eneergyetep|namgilese#gro.eneergyetep|namgilese!


  • Always wear your Petey Greene t-shirt! Make sure it’s a little loose (we generally recommend wearing one size bigger than you normally do).
  • Ladies, NO UNDERWIRE BRAS! (But please, do wear a non-underwire bra underneath.)
  • Do NOT wear tan/khaki, camouflage, jeans. Loose dark slacks are best.
  • Wear DOC-approved pants. Avoid skinny jeans, leggings, or yoga pants…basically anything that indicates you have a shape other than “blob”.
  • Stick with close-toed shoes. We highly recommend sneakers or flats.
  • No hats or other head coverings. The only exception is religiously oriented coverings, in which case you agree to being searched in a separate room by an officer of the same gender.
  • No scarves or anything dangling around your neck (aside from jewelry). If it’s cold outside, be prepared to store your scarf in a locker or vehicle.
  • Excessive jewelry (stud piercings and smaller necklaces and rings are fine)
    • Watches (many facility classrooms have clocks)
  • Dress for a quick and easy metal-detector experience! Because our tutors tend to arrive at the facilities in groups, we want to make the entry process easy on you and the officers who are screening you. Though the following items are technically permitted, they will delay the screening process:
    • Belts (though, by all means, wear them if they will keep your pants up!)
    • Well-made dress shoes or boots (often have metal plates in the bottom)
    • Coats, jackets, and the like
  • Please let us know if you have a metal plate or rod implanted anywhere in your body that sets off airport metal detectors. We may be required to provide documentation to the facility making them aware of that issue.


  • Don’t forget your government-issued ID! If you are an international student, you must take your passport. Otherwise, it can be a driver’s license, non-driver’s state-issued ID, or passport.
  • Avoid taking cell phones, wallets, or other personal items into the facility. If you must take them in, bring a quarter to rent a locker.
  • You are permitted to take in the following items if necessary:
    • Personal care items (bladder control or feminine care items)
    • Rescue medications if they are deemed medically necessary and have been previously authorized by the facility Administrator (please give us as much advance notice as possible if this applies to you). These typically include nitroglycerin tablets/paste, asthma inhalers, injectable diabetes medication, glucose tablets, and injectable epinephrine.
    • Pen and paper (no spiral-bound notebooks)


  • If you drive yourself, roll up all windows and lock your vehicle. DOC officers patrol every facility parking lot to ensure there are no “easy target” vehicles for incarcerated people who are on outdoor work detail. Additionally, make sure valuables are out of sight.
  • Do NOT run through the parking lot for any reason! Neither rain, nor hail, nor dark of night should make you run through a prison parking lot. You will not enjoy being tackled by a hypervigilant DOC officer. (Please note, this rule does not apply if there is a TRUE emergency.)


  • Arrive at the facility 15-20 minutes before your scheduled tutoring time. The DOC generally operates on this principle: Early is on time, on time is late, and late is totally unacceptable. We like those rules.
  • Be flexible about your departure time. Though most of the time you will exit the facility without problems, you should expect the unexpected. Occasionally, there are “codes” (lockdowns) in the facility that will delay your departure from the tutoring space. Codes are typically cleared within 15 minutes, but it’s a prison – things do not always get resolved as quickly as expected.
  • If you are a tutor who carpools with others, determine your pickup location and time in advance! Don’t wait until the first day of tutoring to figure out where you’ll meet and when you’ll leave. Plan ahead!


  • If a serious issue arises while you’re tutoring, report it to the classroom teacher or supervisor IMMEDIATELY! Serious issues are those that imply a threat to your health or safety or that of those around you (for example, a student makes a threat or touches you inappropriately).
  • If a non-urgent issue or question arises, contact a Petey Greene employee as soon as possible. Non-urgent issues are those that do not pose an immediate threat to health or safety but that are nonetheless concerning to you (for example, a teacher completely ignores you or a student asks you a question that you’re not sure is appropriate).
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