Resources For Campus Leaders

Mission: The Petey Greene Program is only as strong as its volunteer base. We are great because our tutors are great! The Campus Leadership team is an opportunity to empower our tutors by giving them hands-on experience in nonprofit work. The leaders are involved in multiple aspects of programming on their particular campus with the hope that they they will discover and/or deepen a passion for social/criminal justice, education and service. They gain knowledge of the field and marketable skills through:

  • Tutor recruitment, interviewing and training
  • Event planning
  • Conducting focus groups and gathering feedback
  • Liaising between Petey Greene staff and tutors
  • Assisting with the establishment of a formal organizational partnership with the college/university
  • Creating and lead a Petey Greene Club on campus
  • …and more!

Campus Leadership Structure Descriptions
Event Ideas
Feedback Questions to Ask

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