RI Facility Regulations

All volunteers are required by the Rhode Island Department of Corrections to fill out clearance forms and a volunteer application. Please read these carefully and answer the questions accurately. How to fill out your clearance. More information about these forms can be found on the Program Requirements page. You must submit scans signed in ink or with an image of an ink signature to your Coordinator as soon as possible. Please be sure to sign in all the required places. These forms generally take 2 to 3 weeks to process, though in some cases they can take longer. Please note that the forms ask for your Social Security number and cannot be processed without this information.

If you have a previous criminal history, or have family members in Rhode Island correctional facilities, you must disclose this on the forms. Depending on the circumstances, you may not be allowed to tutor. Previous criminal history does not mean parking tickets or moving traffic violations, but offenses that would likely turn up in a comprehensive background check; for example, convictions of trespassing, disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated, or any kind of drug usage or possession. Trespassing or other offenses related to civil disobedience or political protest generally will not prevent you from being cleared, but please list these on the form if applicable, as they will come up on the background check. You need not list family members incarcerated or on parole in states other than New Jersey.

You must sign the criminal background check form even if you have no criminal history or relatives in the NJ corrections system.

You must follow the Petey Greene and DOC dress code when you enter the facility. The DOC has a strict dress code and will prohibit volunteers from entering the facility if staff feels they are not dressed in accordance with the guidelines listed below.

All tutors are required to wear:

A loose-fitting Petey Greene t-shirt
Long dark slacks (no shorts, skirts, jeans, khakis or leggings)
Close-toed shoes
For women: a bra without underwire or metal, such as a sports bra. The metal in an underwire will set off the metal detector and you will not be allowed to enter the facility.
Keep jewelry to a minimum. Do not wear expensive jewelry, but you may want to wear a watch, since some of the classrooms do not have clocks.
You are NOT permitted to wear khaki, orange, or camouflage into the facilities.


You are allowed to bring your license or ID.
You should leave any personal belongings in your car or the van, including your wallet and phone. Your car is safe in the parking lot, but if you are uncomfortable leaving these items in your car you can also use a locker at the security check. If you have car keys, lock them in the locker. The lockers require a 25-cent deposit.
Before going through the security screening, double check that you do not have your anything in your pocket.

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