RI Program Requirements

All tutors are required to submit to a background check conducted by the RI Department of Corrections and submit a volunteer application. It can take several weeks for the paperwork to be processed, so if you think you will be tutoring for the upcoming semester, get your paperwork in as quickly as possible!

Download the RIDOC clearance paperwork. How to fill out your clearance.
Download the RIDOC volunteer application.
Download the Petey Greene Informed Consent form.
Complete all papers and sign all sections that require a signature either by hand or with a superimposed image of your signature. Do not try to type a signature.
If you are not a U.S. citizen, you MUST submit a scan of your passport photo as ID.
Return the paperwork in one of the following ways (in order of preference): Scan it and e-mail it to gro.eneergyetep|namgilese#gro.eneergyetep|namgilese, pass it along to campus leaders to submit to gro.eneergyetep|namgilese#gro.eneergyetep|namgilese.
Wait for your clearance! Volunteers cannot begin tutoring until the clearance has gone through the DOC.
Volunteers must submit this paperwork annually; Eric will send you the renewal forms as your expiration date approaches.

All tutors must attend the following training events:

New Petey Greene tutor training (only needs to be completed ONCE)
At least two follow-up training or reflection activity during the semester (required of all volunteers each semester)
The Department of Corrections on-site new employee orientation (must be completed once each year). Typically held 8:30 am - 12:30 pm on the 2nd or 3rd Monday of the month.

It is REQUIRED that you attend every tutoring session. Petey Greeneā€™s relationship with the facility and the DOC as a whole depends on our promise to provide volunteers on a regular schedule. Furthermore, the success of the program comes from tutors and students working together closely over the course of a semester.

Additionally, factors outside the control of the program within prison, such as testing, lockdowns, or student and teacher absences mean that there will invariably be missed sessions. This makes it even more important that volunteer tutors attend regularly.

In the case of illness or another emergency, call the volunteers you carpool with and the Volunteer Coordinator (Eric Seligman, 914-815-3837) to tell them you will not be able to make your session immediately, at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible. Also, send an e-mail to the teacher you tutor with.

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