Tutoring Adults
10 Ways to Say "Good" 10 Right Ways to Say "Wrong" 10 Things not to say
You're doing great. Outstanding! Beautiful. That's right! Nice going. Fantastic! Keep up the good work. How did you do that so fast? You must have been practicing! Now you've got it. You just taught me something. That's close! Almost! That's a tricky one. Let's try that again. Oops! Oh, I forgot to explain this. English has a lot of crazy spellings. This causes trouble for a lot of people. Would you like me to do a sample for you? These questions don't make sense. Let's just skip them. No. That's wrong. Don't you remember? We had this before. This is really easy. I explained this last week. Don't you get it? Everybody knows this. You're not concentrating. You have to try harder.

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